Ben Tatar and The Tatar-Tots

Live music

Music for kids and young families! Ben Tatar is an elementary school general music teacher for ages K-5 in the north suburbs. His debut album by Ben Tatar and The Tatar Tots, called "Food!" was released in June of 2014!

Set List

Songs include originals, such as: The Chocolate Milk Song, The Grape Jam, Oh Buffet Line, Piece Of The Pie, Cleaning Out The Fridge, Lemonade, Keepin’ It Fresh, I Ate Too Much, etc… Also covering great childrens’ music over the last several decades, such as: The Green Grass Grew All Around, Down By The Bay, If I Had A Hammer, My Aunt Came Back, etc.

Ben Tatar and The Tatar-Tots

4 stars out of 5
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