AJ Rosales

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Progressive Folk / Rock Singer-Songwriter / Guitar Player that has performed all over Chicago and other parts of the country.

New Album Release in 2020! The first single "If Not Today" (full band) will drop on October 11th. The rest of the album "Manifestations" will drop in November. The acoustic demo posted here will be updated when the single is released.


AJ Rosales is not trying to prove anything. His appealingly layered guitar playing and honest lyrics are just the pure expression of a unique musical vision, not some calculated product.

Rosales is already an acknowledged force in the rock/folk scene. His intelligent songwriting, which draws as much from pop as from jazz, classical, rock, jam, and folk, has been the basis for three well-received albums. Fueled by critical praise and airplay on hundreds of radio stations, Rosales has reached out to fans nationwide on these releases. He describes his style as "rock music run through an avant garde folk filter," but it's easy to hear a vast array of other, subtler influences underscoring his take on folk and rock. His guitar work conjures ghosts of the blues and invokes modern masters of high technical ability.

But being a "guitar pyrotechnician" is not what he's about, and being the next pop idol is also not at the top of his list. He's all about recording his lush, rootsy music, brilliant and humble. And there is no doubt he has all the talent to back it up.

Set List

Mostly originals with some occasional covers thrown in,. I prefer to perform originals, and I have lots of them. Covers I do include REM, Pink Floyd, Keane, Radiohead, The Who, David Bowie, and Neil Young

AJ Rosales

4 stars out of 5
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