The Congregation

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This eight piece outfit from Chicago is all raw grit and soul. Led by wailing front woman Gina Bloom, The Congregation kicks your door down with raucous horns, a rock and soul rhythm section and high-intensity guitar solos. From heart-stirring ballads to hip shaking soul jams, this band will leave you with a tear in your eye and sweat at your feet.


Praise for The Congregation:

"The Congregation makes its debut with a formidable full-length filled with churchy soul and jazzy rock...this eight-piece ensemble arrives in the wake of buzz surrounding some other old-school contemporaries, Alabama Shakes. The Congregation's Gina Bloom, though, is a different kind of singer -- more eager, mischievous, alluringly androgynous...The band, too, is nimble and highly caffeinated, applying gospel grooves (the title track) as easily as slinky sugar-daddy lovin' ("High Class"). Yes, they can get my amen!" -- Thomas Conner, Chicago Sun-Times

"The sound is soul music on fire, touched by the blues, and wrapped up in the energy of rock and roll; it is completely infectious! It is the kind of sound that reminds us all how powerful live music can be." -- Mike O'Cull, Chicago Blues Guide

“Led by vocalist Gina Bloom, whose bluesy pipes and aching timbres carry over her dapperly dressed band's rhythm section, The Congregation unapologetically hearken back to an era when music stands, brassy call-and-response lines and disciplined performances graced every concert stage. The wild card? Sass." -- Bob Gendron, Chicago Tribune, "11 Bands to Watch in 2011"

“There just aren't many singers in Chicago that can own a room the way that The Congregation frontwoman Gina Bloom can; her voice is just that great. The 8-piece garage-soul band packs a lot of attitude and charisma into their set.” -- Matt Pais, RedEye

"With a modern and vibrant take on soul music and the powerful vocals of Gina Bloom, The Congregation released a new instant classic in 2012 in the form of their full-length debut "Right Now Everything." The eight-piece band sports its own horn section in addition to keyboards, piano, guitar, drums (lots of drums). This is original gospel soul mix in an indie rock form, i.e. what critics love about Alabama Shakes, but so much more authentic." -- The Deli Magazine

Set List

The Congregation’s live sets draw from the band’s 3-album catalog of original music as well as well as an extensive and ever-growing list of classic soul and blues (Motown, Stax, Chess, Atlantic Records) and classic rock covers (Elvis, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Doors). The set will be tailored based on the event and audience. Please inquire for specific requests.

Some sample covers:
Tell Mama – Etta James
Hey Jude – The Beatles
Hold On I’m Coming – Sam & Dave
Down in the Valley – Otis Redding
I Wanna Be Your Dog – Iggy Pop & the Stooges
Knock on Wood – Eddie Floyd
Been Down So Long – The Doors
Little Sister – Elvis Presley
You Can’t Judge a Book by the Cover – Bo Diddley
Most Likely You Go Your Way and I’ll Go Mine – Bob Dylan

The Congregation

4 stars out of 5
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