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Maasai Amewa, performance 'M.S.I', is a multi-media musical artist from  Chicago, IL.  He is the owner of A.M Muse Collab, a musical publishing, production, and performance company in his acumen. Hip-Hop, Electronica, New Age, and thematic compositions, fused with dynamic lyricism, and story-telling, all elements to coin his style of music best described as Afro-Surreal-Expressionism.

King of DIY, Maasai is an independent publisher, and producer, with over 100 credits, varied in mixing, mastering, publishing, composition, performer, and songwriting, listed with the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers.

The first official album release, 'Sleeping Giants', features socially conscious trajectories on the emotionally-rich, 'Maafa: Sankofa's Paradox', to the highly conceptual, cleverly produced, exhilarating lyricism of 'Oligopoly - A Chicago Story". With the most intriguing cautionary tales on the masterfully produced 'SleepWalkingThroughTheWarZone'.

On M.S.I's second album 'End Of Moonlight', he breathes life into Hip-Hop, fusing psychedelic with electronica, to convey prophetic messages, stellar lyricism, and a lush production style. WillPowerOfColdShowers and Cocaine Alchemist blending soul-jazz poetics with social critique, and unique insight, uncommon in contemporary music. The Album culminating with raw-thunderous delivery on Blk Noize, featuring Chicago sensation Limitless, displaying far reaching insight into the black plight of inner city America.

Death Of A Dream, Birth Of a Universe, M.S.I's upcoming album, showcases his well rounded compositional style, inspired by sessions on the Yamaha C7 grand piano, he creates a unique blend of music, he calls Afro-Surreal-Expressionism. Sonically refreshing, Death Of A Dream, Birth Of A Universe, utilizes, new age, spoken-word, electronica, jazz, Hip-Hop/Rap, and cultural insight to transform him self into the Urban-Maestro.

Other Notable Releases:

Electronica: Andromeda 27 A.E

New Age: Requiem For A Beautiful Storm


Set List

Death Of A Dream, Birth Of A Universe

1. TheDarkKeys
2. Libations4TheGreatNation
3. NoNameBarz
4. Blk Gold Scrolls
5. Harmonix Elixir (Rising Phoenix)
6. Halo Hues
7. HaloHuesEternal
8. I.W.R.R.N
9. Don Dadda
10.Blood Moons
11.Crooks & Castles
13.The Scorpion and The King.

End Of Moonlight

1. WillPowerOfColdShowers
2. Emphatix
3. LSD WAVES – Black Roses
4. HarmonixElixir (Cai’s Retreat)
5. Cocaine Alchemist
6. Mano-Y-Mano
7. Blk Noize – Skrwd Up

Sleeping Giants

1. Maafa: Sankofa’s Paradox
2. OYEA!!!
3. Oligopoly (A Chicago Story)
4. RBGisms
5. Earth’s Halo
6. HeavenInHale
7. SleepWalkingThroughTheWarZone


DJ Vibez



5 stars out of 5
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