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Performance Painter - Speed Painting John Jansky is a performance artist who has frenetically splashed, dabbled and spilled his way to quirky celebrity by lighting several-feet canvases to life—producing portraits of recognizable people in mere minutes-–sometimes working on an upside-down canvas, then righting it to the delight of onlookers. John has transcended typical pop art and morphed it into a very rare and engaging display of performance art with a most inspiring reveal. He turns any person of your choice into a piece of artwork within minutes, right before your eyes. Whether he is painting a famous face from the past or the present, or creating a unique way to introduce your special guest of honor, watching John get there is all the fun. His subjects have included presidents, actors, actresses, rock stars, religious figures, professional athletes and even beloved schoolteachers. In the recent past has worked with former Chicago Bear, Jim McMahon, former Cincinnati Red, Pete Rose but probably his debut on the national stage was as part of the inaugural Phases of the Moon Music and Arts Festival this past fall. John has also been a perfect entertainment choice for fundraising events. He's done numerous charities and raised thousands of dollars with the proceeds from his artworks have gone to support notable charities, including Wounded Warriors, First Gig Rock Camp for Kids, Presence USMC Foundation and many, many more.

John Jansky

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