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We get your guests involved and create an exciting alternative to other forms of entertainment. Any topic can be covered. Products or services can be the focus for training. Sponsors can use a high energy game show with our outgoing emcees as a promotional vehicle. Current programs include: Interactive Trivia Blitz, Get Wired For This, Survey Says, Category Challenge, Versus, Win It In Minute, Guess The Price and our Gigantic Game Show Give Away. and more. Any TV show can be recreated as a mobile stage show. Who Knows Game Show? We Are Your FINAL ANSWER! Game show programs vary by event and market. For kids and schools, we usually run at a fast pace. For corporate, adults, and promotional events, we usually run at a medium pace. Game Show set design varies by event and budget. We can provide low level Trivia Blitz games for small parties and low budget events and provide our "5-Star" productions for high level corporate and promotional events.

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Game Show programs include (availability depends on venue) Mini Trivia Blitz, Mini Versus, Mini Survey Says, Mini Win It In a Minute Trivia Blitz, Versus, Survey Says, Q&A, Get Wired For This, Guess The Price, Win It In A Minute, Category Challenge, and more. For a unique high level game show, see our Gigantic Game Show Give Away which is comparable to those price and deal game shows with high production level props. Awesome as a sponsorship vehicle. See www.gameshowgiveaway.guru. For a complete list, see our web site: https://gameshowgurus.com/games/

Game Show Gurus

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