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Cels Dupri is a Conscious Lyricist from the south side of Chicago. He first fell in love with Hip Hop at the early age of eight when exposed to artist such as LL Cool J, Nas and many more. Soon after, he started writing poetry which lead to his deep love for writing. Although he’s been writing and recording since his early days it was only in June of 2016 when Cels decided to take his music career serious and pursue it full time. Since June he put out his first and second projects entitled “AMBITIONZ” and “TRIUMPH” and is currently in the works his third project. Some of his accolades thus far is touring around the US (Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Cleveland, ETC), being invited to perform at multiple festivals like Auburn Street Festival and A3C, also being able to have his music reach over five thousand plus listeners.

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Cels Dupri

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