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Kyle (C.R.E) Johnson is a rapper/ Emcee/ performing music
artists and beat maker from Chicago Illinois who has been
through a lot in his life and his music speaks for itself. He
has been doing music since he was 16, and ever since he came
back to Chicago from California he's been focused on making
a name for himself in the city as well as worldwide

Kyle has a tendency to keep it real and
be honest in his music. That along
with having a nice flow in his rapping
ability.  Imagined if Biggie and Q-tip
and Snoop Dogg had fused together
and that's preety much what you get
except a weird version of it. he also
has an old school 90s vibe to most of
the songs hes made even though he
can be very versatile.

Kyle also happens to be a singer who calls himself The Ghost. The reason behind this is because he is a cover singer who has a ghostly riff to his voice who can also raise his singing voice from a low octave to a high octave. He also tends to cover his face with anything ''white'' such as sunglasses or a mask even. Even though he hasn't been singing for long. He hopes to get better at singing to the point to where he can start writing original songs other than doing covers.

In 2020 Kyle had gotten to perform a 16 bar rap verse for Sway Calloway on his Bedroom Bars in 2020. He also appeared on an episode of the Peoples Court back in 2021 in an episode titled ''Not Sounding So Good''

In 2016, Kyle released his first mixtape titled R.U.F.A.L which is a acroynm for Rise Up From A Lame. It also became a movement that he created which he promoted all over the city of Chicago which was inspired by him helping out the community as well as not getting enough regonition he feels he deserves.  He just recently released his second mixtape ''C.R.E Collabs''  last year as well as an E.P titled The C.R.E E.P.  Right now he is working on a collaboration project titled K-Saki which will feature an artists he met on the internet named Negrosaki.

Kyle hopes to get booked for more shows and reach a broader audience and eventually profit off doing what he loves doing which is performing.

Kyle (C.R.E) Johnson / The Ghost Singer

5 stars out of 5
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